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CRazy dolls

1st of June 2013

This fabulous painting I started in Greece.




In August 2011 my two newest paintings both were shown at the exhibition WirfahrennachKoeln.eu.

Maria Sluierhof september 2011

smeared Painting

Is this painting ruined or upgraded by the attack of a furious woman in the exhibition NEW TALENT at Hetstedelijkisweeropen.
This question interests me...

No is sprayed on the canvas in an exact chosen composition. The painting has really spoken to some of the public.. Ofcourse I did not ask people to spray on it.. but showing art is showing meaning, taste and opinions... Showing the response in this way adds some thing to this... and really what does it say..? No to what..?

The organization of Hetstedelijkisweeropen wants to restaure the painting .. thta is not my opninion.. I want the discussion more than my painting... which I can't see without this anymore... also after removing it .. it will always be part of thhis painting..

Maria Sluierhof, april 2011


biscuit with ... mice ... muisjes

1st of April 2013

I made this fantastic painting here at the left. Funny is that in the cloth of the woman I used blue sweet mice... in dutch muisjes ... the Dutch eat them when a boy is born and pink for girls..

I have to think about a sharp title for this painting...